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Why CNN Must Destroy Kanye West


Whether they know it or not, CNN is borrowing from the playbook of the worst racists in American history. During the tragic and ugly history of slavery in the pre-Civil War era, white slave owners ruthlessly and violently punished any black man or woman who sought to educate themselves or think for themselves. It was all about controlling them and maintaining power over them.
During the post-Civil War era (after Republicans freed the slaves from Democrat plantations), white Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist arm of the Democrat party in order to intimidate, suppress, and destroy the political activities of the newly freed black population who were active and elected Republicans. Using murder, torture, and terror, white-hooded Democrats punished and made a public example of any black man or woman who dared think for themselves, who threatened the Democrat power structure.
During the era of Jim Crow, white Democrats codified these tactics into law, again, to suppress any black political activity that threatened the white Democrat power structure. Laws written and passed by Democrats legalized racism and segregation and made it nearly impossible for black Americans to vote.
Other than the tactics, nothing has changed with the modern-day Democrat Party. To protect their power, to ensure some 95% of black people continue to vote for them, white Democrats, primarily through establishment media outlets like CNN, are still trying to control black Americans.
Time and again — witness Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Condi Rice, Jackie Robinson, Candace Owens, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, etc. — we have watched free-thinking black men and women personally destroyed through political and media campaigns wielding ridicule and taunts. These apostates are mercilessly slandered as “dumb negroes,” “token negroes,” “house negroes,” as crazy, as sellouts, as “Uncle Toms,” Oreos,” and not really black anymore.
The goal is to toxify these free thinkers before they awaken and inspire others, to make a public example of those who dare think for themselves outside the herd, and of course to terrorize other black people into “keeping their minds right.”

by Bread&Circuses • 70 views • 4 comments • 5 days ago • category: Politics
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(5 days ago)
People will say 'That's not the Democratic party anymore. Times change"

The problem is they are a hundred percent wrong. The Dems have stayed completely the same. They just find out ways to carry out their methods.

(5 days ago)
Kanye West is off the plantation. The democrats have been wrapping minorities in golden chains for decades... but they are STILL chains.

(5 days ago)
This is actually true. Nice post.

(5 days ago)
Dems really dislike it when a black person thinks for themselves and not what dems want them to think.

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